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Bail Bonds, Gangsters and Granny

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

granny gangsterHow sweet is your grandmother?  For most of us, she is the sweetest, most loving woman in the world, but for the grandchildren of an 84 year old Texas woman serving jail time for theft, the answer might not be that easy.  This past week the woman got busted for allegedly soliciting a hitman to kill a specific prosecutor.   Her goal was to make it look similar to the horrific killing of a prosecutor and his wife in Kaufman County, Texas.  According to the article, the woman wanted to kill the assistant DA and put the DA in the hospital for 2-3 weeks (which is oddly specific don’t you think). 

The woman apparently met with an undercover DA investigator who made the deal to kill one DA for $5,000 and injure the other for $2,500.  The woman sealed the deal with a statement of “make it look good.”  In a taped discussion the undercover investigator tells that woman that they media coverage is “going to be crazy” and the woman simply replied “I know that, and I am looking forward to it.”  Yikes.  

Granny was issued a $500,000 bail bond for the new offense and probably won’t be home for the holidays and time soon.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Jailed woman, 84, allegedly plotted to kill, injure Texas prosecutors to mimic Kaufman County slayings

Written by: Eric Granof