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Bail Bonds, DNA and a Swig of Orange Juice

Thursday, April 11, 2013

thirstyburglarFor most people, drinking orange juice is something that can be good for them.  It is jam packed with Vitamin C and tastes great.   Sometimes, however, a simple sip of orange juice can be bad for you.  At least that was the case for a 33 year old man in Central Point, Oregon, when he decided to take a sip of orange juice out of the wrong orange juice container.

The young man had just entered a home through the garage and was in the process of stealing some jewelry, silver ingots and a flat screen television when he got thirsty (apparently breaking and entering is pretty tough work).  He went to the fridge, pulled out the carton of juice and drank some.  While this might seem harmless to most, it actually isn’t very smart.  For those of us that watch any one of the 325 different CSI shows (Can you see it now, CSI: Beaverton…could it be next?) we all know that you never take a drink during a robbery…why? Because of a little think called DNA.  Your saliva contains DNA and no matter how dry your mouth is when you drink the juice, you will leave some behind.  Ultimately, the juice container was analyzed and the man was identified as the culprit.  He was arrested and is being held on a $60,000 bail bond.  Next time you can be sure that the man will probably try and hydrate a little better before he commits a crime…or hopefully, he will just skip the crime all together.  Read the original story below.

Original article: DNA from OJ, plus FBI equals arrest

Written by: Eric Granof