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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

pocket dialJust when you thought it couldn’t happen again, another person puts themselves in jail with a good old pocket dial.  Sometimes it is hard to believe how it can happen.  It is hard enough sometimes to dial a cell phone with your fingers, but to do it with one’s rear end is a real accomplishment.  Shockingly enough, it happens all the time.  People stick their cell phone in their back pocket and the phone somehow manages to get turned on and placed in dialing mode.  Ultimately with several shifts of the rear end, people can miraculously and unfortunately dial their cell phones.  For some reason, the most common number called seems to be 911.  The latest victim was a man in Tennessee.

According to authorities, the man was arrested after pocket dialing the McMinn County 911 Emergency Center.  Now you need to understand that he wasn’t arrested for placing the call, but rather, he was arrested for what he said (unknowingly of course, because he didn’t know he had called 911).  He was arguing with someone at his residence about marijuana and methadone and was looking for a pipe to smoke something with.  The police arrived and asked the man if they could search the premises.  The man amazingly agreed and was ultimately arrested for possession of 9 different narcotics. The man was able to get out of jail on a $2000 bail bond.  Hopefully he has turned on the key lock feature on his phone to avoid further incidents of self-incrimination.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Pocket dial lands East TN man in jail

Written by: Eric Granof