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Bail Bonds, Cancer and a Big Fat Liar

Monday, March 4, 2013

faking cancer for a bail bondHere we go…another person faking cancer.  However, this one, unlike the others, chose a different set of victims to target.  She chose to pull the scam on her fellow jail inmates.  Yep, we said jail inmates. 

A woman from Gilbert, Arizona, who was one of the sweetest most liked inmate in the lockup, pulled on the heartstrings of her fellow inmates a little too hard.  In order to obtain everything from food to money to envelopes, she made up stories about having a range of ailments.  She told people she had multiple sclerosis as well as cancer.  Her fellow inmates felt so badly for the woman that they gave into her requests for help.  When her cellmate was finally released, she was even about to go as far as getting this woman a bail bond.  She had already contacted a Phoenix bail bond agent and was willing to put her car up as collateral, when she decided to go online and check out the woman’s background.  She was shocked to see that the woman had a habit of getting cancer.  In fact, she was actually in jail for collecting over $12,000 for telling friends, colleagues and family that she had cancer. As you can imagine, the help for the woman stopped there. Read the original article below.

Original article: Fake cancer scam: inmates feel hurt and betrayed