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Bail Bonds, Bullies and a Dude in Batman Underwear

Friday, December 21, 2012

batman bustedSometimes the delivery of a message is more powerful than the message itself.  At least that is what a Severn, Maryland man thought as he streaked on to the fields at M&T Bank Stadium (home of the Baltimore Ravens) and Camden Yards (home of the Baltimore Orioles) wearing nothing but a pair of Batman underwear and a cape.  Across his chest was a painted on message reading “Don’t be a Bully.  Be a Super Hero.”  Most people that pull these kinds of stunts usually get thrown in jail, fined and forgotten, but not this guy.  In fact, his runaway super hero act got him national attention and even a call from the Ellen Degeneres Show.

The man is the creator of a campaign against bullying, “Bigger than Bullying.”  While his message is great (Bullying is a horrible thing), his approach to getting the message out to the public was unfortunately illegal.  After getting a firsthand view of the criminal justice system and the world of bail bondsmen, the caped crusader was recently sentenced to a weekend in jail, 40 hours of community service and a $400 fine.  While the jail time and community service are bad, the worst part of the whole prank is that the man has received a lifetime ban from the two Baltimore area stadiums.  Read the original story below.

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