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Bail Bonds, Boxer Shorts and a Pants Party

Thursday, April 18, 2013

pants partyHave you ever borrowed something from a friend?  A car? A CD?  Maybe even some clothes?  Well most of us at one point have probably borrowed some kind of clothing from a friend or relative.  It all seems pretty harmless when you think about it.  Here is a question though….have you ever checked out the pockets of the jacket or pants or shirt you might have borrowed?  Or even when you are the lender, do you check the pockets when someone returns your stuff?  Well after reading this next story, you might want to think twice about loaning out your clothes and even more about checking the pockets.

A Clayton, Missouri man wasn’t so lucky earlier this week when he forgot to check his pockets.  According to authorities, police arrived at the man’s house to take him to jail on a warrant.  Since he answered the door in his boxers (classy), he was allowed to go put some pants on.  Unfortunately for man, he forgot to check the jean’s pockets because when he got to the station, they found narcotics in the pocket.  The man turned to his only defense at the time and claimed that someone must have borrowed his pants and left the narcotics in the pocket.  We aren’t sure about the bail bond situation in this case but we do know that if the man wore briefs instead of boxers this probably never would have happened.  Read the original story below.

Original article:  Wrong pair of jeans for county jail

Written by: Eric Granof