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Bail Bonds: Blame it on the Booze

Thursday, January 3, 2013

alcohol warningFor years people have blamed alcohol for many things.  From beer goggles at the local nightclub to stupid stunts with a Taser and some buddies, the blame has always been put on the fact that the person had too much to drink. 

Well, five inmates currently serving time in jail in Boise, Idaho have had enough of being the puppets of the alcohol industry.  They are suing “Big Alcohol” for a billion dollars.  According to the men, who have all been sentenced to jail for a variety of crimes including murder and selling drugs, they wouldn’t be behind bars if it wasn’t for the booze.  That is why they are suing alcohol manufacturers like Miller Brewing Company and Anheuser Busch.  They are also suing wine makers like E and J Gallo and others. The men are asking that alcohol manufacturers place warning labels on their products telling consumers that they are addictive.   (Ummmm?  Nevermind.)  Anyway, even if they did put a warning label on the bottle, would people read it?  Would bartenders be required to mention that when serving drinks? 

While this story is kind of hilarious on the surface, the issue does bring about many questions...the biggest of all being where should the line be between personal accountability and blame on the product manufacturer?  And if you go the path of “blame,” where does it stop.  Does it extend to beyond the manufacturer to the farmer who grows the grapes or the wheat and the barley?  Does it extend to the person who makes the bottles or the supermarket that sells the product?  We aren't sure of the answers, but you must agree that at some point the blame game needs to have limits and personal accountability must take center stage.

Shockingly (more sarcasm), no lawyer has stepped forward yet to take on the case. Read the original article below.

Original article: Idaho Inmates Sue Booze Companies, Blame Them for Being in Jail