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Bail Bonds and Whiplash: Released from jail and back again in record time

Thursday, May 9, 2013

speed arrestAccording to statistics 4 out of 5 people who have been in jail will be back in jail within a year.  While this statistic probably doesn’t surprise anyone, it is still a pretty poor narrative for our criminal justice system.  Incarceration definitely does not equal rehabilitation. 

One man in Fredericktown, Missouri, tried to increase the recidivism statistic all by himself earlier this week when he was rearrested for possession of 5 bags of methamphetamine.  The strange thing about this story isn’t that the man was rearrested for possession, but rather for the fact that he was rearrested so quickly after just being released from jail.   And when we say quickly, we mean quickly.

After being released from jail on Monday, morning, the man decided to walk home.  A policeman saw the man and offered him a ride home in his cruiser.  Instead of going home, the man asked the officer to drop him off at a local store.  Upon exiting the police cruiser, the man dropped a container of some kind.  Inside the container were 5 bags of meth.  The man was immediately re-arrested and placed back in jail on a $30,000 all cash bail bond.  This means that he can’t use the services of a Missouri bail bondsman but rather must put up the whole $30,000 in cash with the court.

While there is no official world record for the fastest re-arrest, we are pretty confident that this young man’s quicktime jail time is in the top 10.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Released from jail and back in the same day

Written by: Eric Granof