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Bail Bonds and Water Bowls: Burglar Really Steps In It This Time

Monday, December 22, 2014

finding footprintsIt could just be the most effective burglar detection device ever, or just the stupidest burglar ever…you decide.  Today’s bail bond blog is about security systems and some unique ways that people are effectively protecting their homes.

In today’s soft on crime world having a good security system has never been more important.  When criminals know that they won’t serve jail time for breaking into someone’s home the chances go up dramatically that you might become a crime victim.  That being said having a good home security system can be very expensive.  With monthly fees and equipment charges, protecting you and your family is not cheap….unless of course you are as creative as one British woman was last week.
Instead of installing a high tech security system with cameras, the woman placed bowls of water outside her doors and windows.  While initially, this might confuse you, trust us when we say that after this story, it will make perfect sense.

The woman’s next door neighbor decided to rob her. So he went to her window, stepping in and knocking over the bowls of water he crawled in the window making a ton of noise and splashing a lot of water.  The man freaked out and ran.  Unfortunately because his feet and shoes were now wet, he left a pretty good trail of wet footprints leading back to his apartment which was next door.  So much for “Love thy neighbor.”  Anyway, the man was eventually arrested by police…who just had to follow the footprints.  Read the original article below.

Original article: “Stupid” burglar who raided neighbors traced next door by footprints

Posted by: Eric Granof

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