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Bail Bonds and Stealing Baseballs

Friday, September 27, 2013

stealing ballsThis next story has nothing to do about bail bonds or getting arrested for something stupid. However, It was a story that was so disturbing that we felt we needed to share it.  That being said, after reading it, you will probably agree that this woman needs to be put in jail. 

For most of us we will never catch a foul ball at a baseball game…and to be honest, most of us will be okay with that.  But one lady in Houston, Texas did whatever she had to do to make sure that she went home with a ball. That is the topic of our next bail bond blog post.

Last Friday evening at the Houston Astros baseball game, a young fan was about to live out the fantasy that many young fans have…the fantasy of catching a foul ball at a baseball game.  Even better, this ball was being tossed directly to her by a real professional baseball player, Juan Miranda, first baseman for the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Just as she was about to realize her dream and catch the ball, a woman dressed all in white came out of nowhere and snatched the ball from the young girls arms.  The woman, or shall we say “the most evil woman in the world” as she is being called by most this morning, topped off her despicable act with a confident high five with her friends.  The young girl, probably in shock from the incident, visibly dejected made her way back to her seat.  We aren’t absolutely positive, but if you listen to the audio track of the incident, you can also hear the woman tell the young girl that there is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny.  Okay, we made that part up, but after watching this video, it is easy to think that this woman would be very capable of saying those things to a kid. 

Anyway, thank goodness for the announcers of the game.  Following their witnessing of this act of pure selfishness, they stepped up and sent a ball down to the young girl.  Not the same thing as getting one from a player, but at least it was a heartfelt attempt to make good.  In regards to the woman, we aren’t sure if she is even aware of what she did, but unfortunately for her the rest of the world is….good luck with that. Watch the video and read the original story below.

Original story: Evil Woman Steals Baseball

Posted by: Eric Granof

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