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Bail Bonds and Sneakers: Nike Ball’ers Become Nike Bail’ers

Monday, January 5, 2015

nikes for bailThe concept of bail is pretty simple.  Typically a person is arrested and accused of a crime.  Based on a number of factors, the judge will determine a bail amount for the defendant.  Once that amount is set the defendant typically has a couple options.  First, they can post the full amount of the bond to the court.  Upon the completion of their case, they will be refunded the bail amount minus any court costs or fees.  They defendant can also post a surety bond through a bail bondsman.  This type of bail transaction is easier than the previous all cash option because it allows the defendant to be released from jail after only paying a small percentage of the full bail amount.  If the defendant shows up for all court appearances that is all he will pay.  As you can see, it is pretty straightforward when you look at it in this way.

This past week in Massachusetts, a judge improvised and added another form of bail….bail by basketball sneakers.  Yep, a Framingham judge allowed a defendant to put up his new Nike shoes (an $85 value) as bail.  The man was being held for a warrant for a previous offense.  Do you think the judge made the right call?  Read the original article below.

Original article:  Instead Of Cash, Judge Takes Pair Of Nike’s For Bail

Posted by: Eric Granof

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