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Bail Bonds and Moonbeams: Mommy Goes Looney and Gets Mooney

Friday, May 24, 2013

classy momIt is always nice to know that you mom has you back.  Whether you get in trouble in school or an argument with your best friend, mom is always there backing you up and defending you.  But sometimes Moms can go a little too far in protecting their babies.  In fact, sometimes they can go so far that it easily becomes one of your most embarrassing moments. 

Just ask a young boy from Suffolk, Virginia whose mom came to his defense over a note that was sent home saying he had misbehaved.  According to the school, the note was merely a warning.  But the Mom took it a little more seriously and got into it with her son’s bus driver.  The heated exchange between the two must have put the mother over the edge because what she did next most might consider a little looney…or shall we say mooney.  Yes…she whipped around and mooned her son’s school bus.  The 45 kids who were on the school bus were all fortunate enough to witness the mom’s embarrassing act, including her son.  Lucky for everyone the mother only pulled out a half moon, as she kept her underwear up.  That act alone should keep her son’s therapy bills on the low side. 

Anyway, the woman was arrested and given a sixth month jail sentence with five months suspended along with a $250 fine.  We aren’t sure if she used a bail bondsman, but we are sure that she probably will keep her moonbeam in her pants next time she gets into it with a school bus driver.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Jail for Va. Mom Who Mooned School Bus

Written by: Eric Granof