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Bail Bonds and Jumping Justice...Literally!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

jumping justiceHave you ever heard someone say the phrase, “when I say jump, you say how high”?  Now we all know that this phrase is really just an expression people use to get people to more obedient.  In other words, someone shouldn’t question why they should jump, but rather only how high to do it.  So in the situation of a cop asking you to jump, it is safe to assume that you should not question him but rather comply with the attitude of “how high.”

While that makes perfect sense for most of us, it didn’t for a young practical joker in Florida, who decided to jump for some cops…or shall we say jump over some cops….but the problem is, they didn’t ask him to or even know he was going to.  Click on the link below to see this jumping fool do an aerial somersault over two officers sitting on a park picnic table.  While it might make you chuckle, it definitely did not make the officers laugh.  In fact, they ended up cuffing and arresting the man.   We aren’t sure what he was booked on or if a bail bond was set, but we know that the cops didn’t like him going over their heads…literally.  Read the original article below and see a video of the jump.

Original article: Web World: “Jump Over A Cop” Stunt Lands Prankster In Jail

Written by: Eric Granof