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Bail Bonds and Fairytales

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Once Upon a Time
ONCE UPON A TIME - Photo: ABC, Kharen Hill / © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

For years one of things that has plagued the bail bond profession has been the portrayal of the industry by Hollywood and the media. From men clad in leather and bullet proof vests, to the perpetual loser that has hit rock bottom, the bail profession has been misrepresented by the media for as long television and the movies have been around.

Well, brace yourself for Hollywood’s next attempt at representing the bail bond profession with Once Upon a Time. This new show mixes the fairyland concept of Snow White with the real world. It stars a female character, the offspring of Prince Charming and Snow White, and the profession of this so called "heroine" is a tough bail bonds collector.

Will Hollywood finally get it right? Let’s hope. We can only watch and see. Click on the link to read more about Once Upon a Time.