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Bail Bonds and Cruise Ships: What Would Gilligan Think?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

bail bonds and cruise ships

When that fearless crew boarded the trusty "Minnow" that fateful day for a planned 3-hour tour, none of them ever imagined that they would end up on a deserted island.  You could say the same thing for the passengers who boarded the Costa Concordia cruise ship last month.  None of them planned for the ship to run aground and for their Captain to abandon ship.

Well now that the smoke has cleared a bit and people have had some time to reflect back on the tragedy, the focus has shifted to former Captain Francesco Schettino.  From the looks of things, Schettino might have plenty more time to reflect on his fact, he might have 2,697 years to think about what he might have done differently.

While we don't typically cover bail bond related stories outside the United States, due to the fact that bail laws (when they exist) are so different from country to country (only the US and the Philippines use similar bail processes).  That being said, Schettino was called back into custody recently from house arrest and is being held without bail in London. 

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