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Bail Bonds and Bologna Sandwiches

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

bail bonds and bolognaHave you ever had to call 911 to report an emergency?  It is a little awkward.  You almost feel guilty calling as if your emergency might not really be an emergency.  Some people on the other hand don’t have any reservation whatsoever to call 911 and that is when the trouble starts.  A Palm Beach woman called the local 911 dispatch operator multiple times this past weekend to thank the Sheriff for the bologna sandwich she received while being held in jail.  As you probably know, it is against the law to tie up emergency lines with a non-emergency call.  The woman is being held on a $3000 bail bond and without any bologna sandwiches.  Read the original article below..

Original article: 911 calls to thank sheriff for jail food lands Christine Lee Brown back in lunch line