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Bail Bonds and Big Mac Attacks

Monday, July 15, 2013

big mac attackHave you ever craved a Big Mac at 6:00 AM before?  If you have, than you know that no matter how hungry you are you can’t get one because McDonalds only serves breakfast at that time.  Well, a recent story out of New Port Richey, Florida talks about a Pasco County woman who apparently didn’t know about the menu timing at McDonalds.  Unfortunately for her, she ended up behind bars after having an early morning Big Mac attack.

According to authorities the woman entered the drive thru at a local McDonalds around 6:00 AM and demanded 2 free Big Macs (we aren’t sure why she asked for 2 but only can guess that one Big Mac was not BIG enough for her).  Anyway, the drive thru operator let the woman know that they were only serving breakfast, so the woman quickly change her order to demanding 2 free egg mc muffins.  As you can imagine, her request was denied, she was asked to leave and the authorities were contacted.  When they arrived, the woman had not left.  Instead the Big Mac attack was continuing and she was still trying to get 2 free sandwiches.  She was finally arrested and charged with a DUI after deputies gave her a breathalyzer and she registered a .108. 

We aren’t sure if a bail bond was set or if she ever got her free Big Mac, but we do know for sure that if you ever want an early morning Big Mac, you are out of luck because McDonalds is pretty strict on timing of its breakfast and lunch menus.  Read the original story below.

Original story: Drunken McDonald’s tirade lands woman in jail

Written by: Eric Granof