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Bail Bonds and Bibles: Bible Thumper Thumped for Thumping

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

bible thump bail bondThere are many lessons that one might learn from reading the Bible.  There are valuable lessons about doing good in your community and caring about your fellow man.  Some people however can take the Bible a little too far…and we are not talking about the lessons inside the Bible, but rather the physical Bible book. 

A woman in Kings Mountain, North Carolina took her Bible teachings too far earlier this week when she was arrested for Bible Thumping…and we aren’t talking about preaching.  She literally took out her bible and “thumped” another woman over the head with it.  We aren’t sure what the argument was about, but according to the article, the woman thumped the other woman with the Bible several times all over her body.  She is currently being held in the Cleveland County Detention Center in Oklahoma on a $105,000 bail bond.  We understand that she asked the jail guards for a Bible to read, but was denied…just kidding.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Bible beating accusation lands woman in jail

Written by: Eric Granof