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Bail Bonds and Bakers: Judge, Jury and Cake Maker?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

death row bakingIt doesn’t happen all the time, but enough for us all to have heard at least one or two stories about people in jail getting married to people outside of jail.  Today’s bail bond blog is about one of these irregular love stories that took place between a “lifer” inmate and his girlfriend on the outside. 

This past weekend an inmate sitting in jail for the rest of his life in San Diego, California married his girlfriend and mother of his child.  What makes this story interesting is not the fact that someone convicted to die in jail go married, or even that someone on the outside would commit to being with someone on the inside. But rather, the interesting thing about this particular wedding was WHO performed the marriage.  The wedding was performed by a Sand Diego Superior Court Judge.  Okay, you are saying to yourself, what is the big deal…judges perform weddings all the time.  Well the big deal with this judge is that she is the one that sentence the convicted killer to life in prison.  Strange?  Not even close.  What makes this even stranger is that the judge went as far as to even bake the couple a cake.  The victim’s family (you can’t forget that the person being married in this story was found guilty of murdering another person) is pretty upset with the whole situation feeling that the judge’s role in the wedding was not only inappropriate and extremely insensitive.   What do you think?  Read the original article below.

Original article: California judge sentences killer, then performs his wedding

Posted by: Eric Granof

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