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Bail Bonds and Bad Grandmas: If Scarface Had a Grandma

Monday, March 17, 2014

granny got drugsThere is no better feeling than the feeling you get as a little kid visiting your grandmother’s house.  The warm hugs and smell of baked goods was always enough to make you feel safe and secure.  In today’s bail bond blog, one grandmother in Australia took her grandmotherly love to a whole new level. Instead of cooking baked goods, she was busy cooking drugs for people who were baked. 

According to authorities, a grandmother in Australia is facing life in jail for running a mammoth drug operation out of her 11th floor apartment building.  She was so confident and brazen according to the article, that even when she knew that she was being watched by the authorities she continued to operate and grow her empire (that is so like granny to do that).  When police finally busted the syndicate, they found property, cash, jewelry, casino chips (casino chips?) and a big box of sweet & low in the granny’s pocketbook (come on…everyone’s grandma carry’s sweet & low..usually stolen from the local diner…. in their purse…or pocketbook as my grandma refer to it).

Anyway, in one of the safe houses they actually found a stack of cash underneath a table leg to keep it study.  Wow, talk about having a leg up on the cops.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Grandma faces jail after drug empire busted

Posted by: Eric Granof

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