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Bail Bonds and Bacon

Saturday, February 4, 2012

You are probably wondering what bail bonds and bacon have in common.  Well...absolutely nothing.  We just thought it was a funny title for this ridiculous story we found.

One of the biggest absolutes in life is that everyone loves Bacon.  No matter how old you are or where you live, bacon is bacon and one of the best things on earth. While that may have been the case in the Vermont Police Department a week ago, this week the attitude towards bacon has probably shifted a bit.  The Vermont Police leverage a prison workforce for certain jobs, one of which is to create the Vermont Police Department decal which is placed on the side of their cruisers.  Well, someone must have been asleep at the wheel, because a prison inmate altered the file and stuck a little surprise into the logo.  Find the mistake in the logo and read the full story below.

Bail Bonds and Bacon

Inmate adds pig image to Vt. police cruiser decals
By LISA RATHKE, Associated Press Writer

MONTPELIER, Vt. — A prison inmate who makes stationery and license plates pulled a fast one on state police by adding the image of a pig to the state decal on their cruisers.

On the 16-inch car door decals, made by prisoners in Windsor, one of the spots on a cow in a scene with mountains and a pine tree has been changed to the shape of a pig, a derogatory term for police.

A Vermont state trooper discovered the pig while inspecting his vehicle on Wednesday. State police say they believe the decals have been added to about 30 cruisers in the past year.

About 60 altered decals were made over the last couple of years, said Andy Pallito, commissioner of the Department of Corrections, which is looking into who made the modification and when.

New decals will be made by Monday at a cost of $780. The expense will be covered by a surplus in the revolving fund that supports the offender work program, Pallito said.

State police Maj. Bill Sheets wasn't amused by the prank.

"While some may find humor in the decal modifications, the joke unfortunately comes at the expense of the taxpayers," he said Thursday.

The Burlington Free Press newspaper first reported the pig decals.

Story written by: Eric Granof


Original Article: Inmate adds pig image to Vt. police cruiser decals