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Bail Bonds and Babies: Just Give that Guy a Condom

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

babiesLately there have been a lot of crazy sentences being handed down by judges around the country.  From homework assignments to date nights to standing on the corner with a humiliating sign, judges are getting more and more creative about the punishments they give out to those convicted of a crime.  The question now is, how far can and should they be able to go. 

Earlier this week a Racine, Wisconsin man, who owes $90,000 plus interest in past child support to 6 different women to support 9 different children, was in front of a judge to receive his sentencing.  The judge who was pretty upset at the defendant wished he had the authority to “sterilize” the man, but unfortunately he couldn’t.  So he did the next best thing…he made it illegal for the man to procreate.  Yep, that’s what he did.  He basically came up with a modern day chastity belt for the man to help him keep it in his pants.  We aren’t sure what would happen if he did procreate…would he be arrested…would he need a bail bondsman?  All interesting questions.

In case you are wondering whether the judge can legally do something like this, according to the article, the Supreme Court in 2001 ruled that a man’s right to procreate could not be eliminated, but he could still reproduce as long as he supported his children.  What do you think?  Should judges have the power to prevent this man from reproducing?  Or maybe even better, maybe the judge should just put him on the corner with a sign that says,” Independent Baby Mama’s Wanted: Over 1 Million Served”….just kidding. But seriously, 6 women, 9 children… maybe someone should just teach him to use a condom or find him a hobby of some kind.  Read the original article below.

Original article:  Judge promises to send deadbeat dad to jail if he procreates again