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Bail Bonds, Alimony and 100,000 Pennies

Monday, March 18, 2013

penniesHave you ever been in a sticky divorce?  You know the kind, where former spouses do whatever they can to destroy each other both emotionally and financially.  Whether it is a custody issue or an agreement over alimony payments, divorces can and do bring out the worst in people.  The challenge is to keep your cool about you during this difficult time and if possible, try to have a sense of humor about the whole thing.  That is what one man did over 30 years ago when he was faced with what he felt was an unfair alimony ruling.

Now typically, we try to cover recent stories in our blog posts, but this story was too good to pass up.  It hit the news back in 1982 in Decatur, Alabama.  A man had just gone through a bitter divorce and was being forced to pay what he felt was an exorbitant amount of alimony to his ex-wife.  So he decided to comply to the conditions of the alimony, but to do it in his own way.  So he decided to pay his alimony in the legal tender of his choice…pennies.  He delivered over 100,000 pennies (that is over $1,000 for those of us who are mathematically challenged).  Upon delivering the pennies, the over 70 pounds of alimony the courthouse attendant was dumbfounded and not sure what to do.  The judge however was not amused with the man’s choice of payment and threw him in jail for 6 days without a bail bond for “making a mockery of the court.” 

It is now 31 years later and the man is still bitter about the whole experience.  However he does maintain a pretty substantial coin collection…just kidding.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Man Who Paid Alimony in Pennies, Says He Has No Regrets 30 Years Later

Blog written by: Eric Granof