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Another Facebook Fail: Threaten a Judge...Go to Jail

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

jailgavelWhen are people going to learn?  Facebook is not a place to have private conversations or to pound your chest to the world of something you did that may or may not have been illegal.  It is not a place to share photos of your friends from your last Las Vegas trip (especially if you ever want to be invited to go again).  And lastly, it is definitely not a good place to threaten a judge and tell the world that "heads are going to roll starting with that punk ass judge." 

Our latest Facebook fail belongs to a Houston, Texas man who not only threatened a Family Court judge on Facebook, but even worse, he also threatened the judge over the phone earlier that day.  The Houston man is now in jail with his bail bond set at $20,000.  As Facebook posts get more attention in the news and get more people into trouble, we thought we would throw out the question to everyone, what is the stupidest thing you have seen someone do on Facebook?

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Original story: Houston man in jail after threatening judge on Facebook, phone