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A Mullet in the White House? West Virginia Thinks There Should Be.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

mulletWith President Obama doing his presidential thing in Los Angeles this evening...and by presidential thing, I am referring to hanging with his celebrity pals at George Clooney’s house this evening in the Hollywood Hills (don’t even get me started on the traffic jam this visit is going to cause), I thought it was important to share this latest story out of West Virginia.  A Texas Inmate, Keith Judd, who is serving time for making threats at the University of New Mexico back in 1999, did the unthinkable in Tuesday night's Democratic primary.  He was able to garner 41% of the votes.  Now no one knows Mr. Judd, especially since he is serving a 210 month prison sentence out in Texarkana, Texas, but he appeared to be the best candidate for a good portion of the voters.  While Obama did receive 59% of the votes, Judd still has to be encouraged by his good showing. 

So you are probably asking how Mr. Judd was able to get so many votes.  Was it his strong social conservative political views that made him so appealing to West Virginia voters?  Or maybe it was his emotional stance on open container laws and gay marriage?  Or maybe it was his interesting hairstyle...a modified mullet with an extra-long pony tail (you know, business up top and a party in the back)?  Or just maybe it was because he had $2,500 and filled out a form (a notarized certificate of announcement) and got his name on the ballot?  I am guessing the latter, and in West Virginia, as long as you’re not named Obama, you will get a good portion of votes. 

What does this all mean?  Well probably not much at all, but because Mr. Judd (not related to the famous Judds) received more than 15% of the vote, he is entitled to have one delegate at the Democratic National Convention.  Crazy, huh?  By the way, Judd claims he has run for President every year since 1996…unfortunately for Mr. Judd (and for us...would have loved to see him debate), he was never invited to any of the televised debates.   Read the original story below.

Original article:  Keith Judd, Texas inmate, makes strong showing against President Obama in West Virginia primary