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9-1-1 Nonsense: Dreamtime Emergency

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

911 callThe modern day 911 system is a true life line to many people who are in trouble and need assistance in an emergency.  In fact, last year 240 million calls were made to 911 in the US.  The problem however is when people use the 911 system for non-emergency calls.   Everyday police dispatchers receive a number of calls that are not only un-emergency related, but completely ridiculous.  From fast food orders to being mad at a girlfriend to how to fix your washing machine, people overburden the emergency system in ways that are just plain annoying.  This next story out of Volusia County Florida is great example of this misuse of the system.

This past weekend, 911 operators in Volusia County received a call from a teen who claimed that everything that happened in his dream was coming true.  The operator tried to make sense of things but decided to dispatch a deputy to the location.  After talking with the caller, the deputies determined that he was “confused from the K2 (synthetic marijuana) he had been smoking.”  The deputies told the caller not to call 911 again unless it was a real emergency.  Forty minutes later the teen called again and once again told the operator that the things he had dreamed were happening and he needed to prove to his family they were.  The operator warned him again not to call unless there was a real emergency.  After further conversations with the teen the operator sent the same deputy back to teen’s residence.  This time the teen was arrested for misusing 911 and his bail bond was set at $500. 

So next time you feel the need to call 911, make sure that you are not dreaming and that the emergency is really happening.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Teen arrested after calling 911 about his odd dream