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We know that bail bond process can be very confusing and difficult to understand. We have created to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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How do you become a bail bondsman?

To become a bail bondsman, it really does vary by state. However, there are generally pre licensing requirements, tests and exams. There also may be a requirement for work experience. We recommend contacting your state's department of insurance and state bail association for more information.

How do bail bond payment plans work?

Bail bond payment plans have changed over the past few years because of the economy. You will agree on a payment term with your bail bond agent depending on the amount of your bail. Whatever terms you decide to come up with will be paid until the premium has been paid in full, you will not accrue any interest as you would with a credit card.

Why do bail bond agents make it so hard to get a bail bond?

It’s not that agents are trying to make it hard, they are trying to insure themselves to prevent a loss in case the defendant doesn’t appear in court. They will gather as much information as they can, such as doing a background check, getting contact information for family and friends and collect collateral to make sure they are covered.

How do you tell an ethical bail bondsman from an unethical bail bondsman?

We understand that consumers don’t understand the bail bond business very well. We created ExpertBail to help solve this problem. All ExpertBail Agents that are listed on our site have met strict criteria  and you can rest assured that any agent you select will be an ethical bail bondsman. If you’re looking for specific criteria, some important things to consider are: how professional and respectful they are, do they respond in a timely manner and how long they have been in the business.

What is it called when you don't pay but the person has to wait over night before released?

This is called release on your own recognizance. This is usually used in minor offenses and is a type of "free release" based on someones promise to appear in court. Staying overnight is not requirement but sometimes happens based on whether the court is open or not.

Confusion with bail in different counties

If someone out on bail in one County commits a new offense in a different County and is put in jail in that County, is bail automatically revoked in the first County?

That is a really good question. The simple answer is no. The original bond is still active, but the bail bond agent who holds that bond has the right to surrender it to the court since the defendant is in jail in another county (typically a violation of the original bond).

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