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School is in Session With ExpertBail Agent Joel Horowitz

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SH Bail BondsJoel Horowitz of S&H Bail Bonds is not just a business man operating a business in Van Nuys, California, he is a bail bond agent trying to make a difference in his community.  Whether he is helping a family bail a loved one out of a difficult situation or whether he's working with young people teaching them about the criminal justice system, Joel is always giving back to his community.

Read the recent press release on Joel and his efforts to educate a local high school student on the role of bail in the criminal justice system.


School is in Session With Local Bail Bondsman
ExpertBail Agent Joel Horowitz teaches a local high school student about the criminal justice system

February 13, 2013 (Calabasas, CA) - If you were to ask most people what they know about the bail industry, you would probably receive a consistent response of “very little.”  The small percentage of those that do claim to understand the business will usually explain it to you in the context of reality television and Hollywood movies.   The problem is that perspective is not only far from the truth, but it creates a false stereotype consisting of fabricated drama designed to attract television audiences.  However, if you really want to learn the truth about the bail bond industry, the best resource to turn to is the obvious one…a bail bondsman.  And that is what a young high school student did last week in Van Nuys, California.

Joel Horowitz of S&H Bail Bonds, a second generation bail bond agent and trusted member of the ExpertBail Network, spent an afternoon last week educating a young high school student on the realities of the bail bond industry.    “What people don’t understand about the bail bond business is that it is nothing like the television shows and movies that people are being exposed to,” said Horowitz. “Comparatively, bail can actually be pretty boring and unglamorous.”  What Horowitz continued to explain to the young man is that bail is less about the people that do it and more about the important role that bail plays in the criminal justice system.  By ensuring that defendants who are released from jail pretrial show up for court, the bail bond industry is in essence, ensuring that the criminal justice system has a chance to work.  If the defendant doesn’t show up, then there is no trial and justice isn't served.

Horowitz spent much of the afternoon answering the young man’s many questions.  They discussed everything from how do you become a bail bond agent to the perceived dangers associated with the profession.  “Most kids want to know how often I have to go after bad guys and kick in their door,” explains Horowitz.  “When I tell them that bail agents are a lot like other insurance agents and that running around chasing bad guys is not something that we do every day, they are usually let down a bit.  But after I explain the process and how we are able to get defendants to show up more successfully than any other form of release, they do begin to get it.”

As most bail bond agents already know, educating the public (especially young people) on the bail industry and the criminal justice system overall is extremely important.  According to Horowitz, “I am more than happy to spend a few moments with a young person talking about the bail industry and the criminal justice system as the topic of a school project as opposed to talking to them and their parents as potential clients.  I am a strong believer that the more young people know about the system ahead of time, the better the chances they will stay out of trouble when it comes their way.”

The young high school student will now be translating his afternoon with Mr. Horowitz into his own documentary film project.   We wish him luck and look forward to seeing the finished project.