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Lacey ♦ OMalley Agency is a company with a team of bail bond agents who have a combined 80 years experience in the criminal justice system.  Lacey OMalley is the oldest bail bond company in Washington State, proudly serving it's communities since 1945.

Due to specific efforts of it's founders, Joe and Fran Lacey, the State of Washington initiated legislation in 1993 that required all bail bond agents to be licensed and regulated by the Department of Licensing.

Lacey ♦ OMalley prides itself on providing excellent customer service and detailed trade craft knowledge while adhering to the highest level of professional ethics. The Lacey ♦ OMalley Agency provides ongoing education training for its agents and is available to present a detailed PowerPoint presentation for corporate, professional and civic organizations regarding the bail bond profession.

What makes Lacey ♦ OMalley Bail Bonds different from other Washington bail companies? Quite simply, our level of professionalism and our level of service. Our motto is "Sometimes Bad Things Happen to Good People"

24 Hour Confidential Bail Bonds

Let Lacey ♦ OMalley help you through the bail bond process. We are always here to help you through a time in your life you never expected and you likely will not experience again. We are always open, so feel free to call us 24/7: weekends, nights & holidays. We are here for you. For confidential help, our toll-free number is 800-660-5245.

Approval by Phone in Minutes

When you call, you will speak to a bail bondsman who is licensed by the Washington Department of Insurance. We can approve most bonds over the phone in just a few minutes on your first phone call. We will honestly tell you if we can help you and how we can help you. We will always give you the opportunity to have all of your questions answered by phone. When you contact us, we will offer you a realistic time frame in which to complete your bail bond.

Bail by Fax or Email Option

Because fast service is one of the benefits of using Lacey ♦ OMalley Bail Bonds, we offer you the convenience of using our bail bonds by fax / e-mail option. We can deliver all necessary bail documents to you within minutes. Our clients who are out of the area have especially appreciated this option, but the convenience is available on most bonds.

Credit Cards Accepted

With us, paying for a bail bond is made easy with Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. You may also pay by cash. Call us to discuss what's most comfortable & the easiest for you.

Flexible Financing Options

Typically, bail bonds require payment in advance of the release from jail. We understand that may represent a financial burden. Clearly, bail is not a planned expense. That's why we offer no interest bail bond financing. We will work out flexible payments for your bond with no additional financing charges, taxes or fees. We can usually let you if you qualify in your first phone call. If this is a consideration for you, let your bail agent know.

Bail Bonds on a Signature (OAC)

Most of our bail bonds are written with no collateral required. When we go through our initial screening process, we look at many factors such as the length of time the defendant has lived in Washington, their employment situation, credit rating, character, type of crime and similar factors. We do this to assess the risk in assuming the bond. Once complete, we find that most of our customers are eligible for a "signature bail bond" which typically requires just your signature. In general, customers are usually a low "flight risk." If you do secure bail bond using collateral, it will be returned when the bond is exonerated in the court.

We Can Travel To You

We specialize in all counties in Washington ~ King County, Pierce County, Snohomish County. We can arrange to have a licensed agent come to your location. We can also meet you at the jail. Of course, you may choose to come into our office or simply arrange bail by email or fax if you prefer. The choice is yours.

When You Have Questions....We Have Answers

When you contact Lacey ♦ OMalley Bail Bonds, we can provide immediate answers regarding the arrest and booking process of someone jailed in Washington. Call us for information about the inmates's location, charges, bail and more at 800-660-5245.

Information and Technology at Your Fingertips

Having a loved one in jail can be a very stressful situation -- that is why we want to share important information which is critical for you to know if you or yoour loved one is going through the bail bond process. Our informational bail bond videos are designed and developed to offer you detailed guidance when dealing with bail bonds in Washington. Feel free to take a moment to explore our video library for answers to your most pressing questions.

Caring and Creative Solutions Wherever you are in Washington, we can help. We process bail bonds quickly and efficiently throughout the entire state. Some situations may be unique, but we always strive for 100 percent total customer satisfaction. Let us assist you today.

Please call Lacey ♦ OMalley Bail Bonds for more information or to bail your friend, loved one or family member out of jail at toll free, 800-660-5245.

Our licensed staff include:


Gayle is a Washington State native and has been in the Bail Bond profession for eighteen years. She joined Lacey ♦ OMalley in 1987 where she was mentored and trained by Joe and Fran Lacey.She studied and received her degree as a registered nurse in 1976. She then worked with Vision Quest, an alternative program for disadvantaged inner city youth.

Gayle now owns and heads the company. She continues the philosophy of the company founders of integrity and professionalism. By maintaining the belief that one person cannot do it alone she developed the Lacey ♦ OMalley team. Gayle is the heart and soul of Lacey ♦ OMalley and is the inspiration for the whole team.


Denny is a Washington State native and is a member of the Lacey ♦ OMalley team.Denny joined the Seattle Police Department in 1967 where he served as an officer in patrol and the tactical squad.

In 1974 he was sworn in as Deputy United States Marshall for the Western District of Washington. He served for 27 years, retiring in 2001. During his career he worked in witness protection, bank security, prisoner movement and assets forfeiture. He was supervisor of fugitive apprehension for thirteen years.

He arrested some of the nation's most wanted criminals including:

Christopher Boyce (as depicted in the movie Falcon and the Snowman) Martin Pang (arsonist)


Sylvia is a Washington State native and has been a member of the Lacey ♦ OMalley team for six years.She has a strong history in sales and customer service.

She heads the South King County business operations for Lacey ♦ OMalley. Among her many assets, Sylvia brings to the team an empathy and compassion for families in crisis and her close association with the criminal justice system.

Sylvia's skills, experience and affiliations:

Bail Bond Agent License WA State Bail Agents Association (WSBAA) member Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS) member Candidate for Certified bail Agent (CBA) Certificate Public Notary Kent Chamber of Commerce Member



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