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How many people would be interested in a bail bond brand? How about 15,000!

Monday, March 5, 2012

In 17 month, ExpertBail has amassed over 15,000 fans on its facebook page.  Read the press release below.

A Bail Bond Brand Worth Talking About…15,000 People on Facebook Think So - PRWEB, March 6, 2012

Is the subject of bail bonds interesting?  Does the average person on the street see any value in learning about the bail bond industry?  For most of us the answer to these questions would be a simple “No way,” but not for the folks at ExpertBail.  Why?  Because the team at ExpertBail lives and breathes bail bonds every day and its network of over 5000 agents are the best in the business.  As the nation’s first and only nationally branded network of bail bondsmen, ExpertBail set out 17 months ago to change the face of the bail bond industry.  So to tell them that people aren’t interested in bail and that you can’t educate, inform and entertain people about the bail bond industry, your message would have fallen on deaf ears.

“The bail bond industry is one of the most misunderstood industries out there,” says Eric Granof, Chief Marketing Officer for the AIA Family of Companies, the nation’s oldest and largest underwriter of bail bonds and creator of the ExpertBail Network.  “While it is misunderstood by most, it is also a fascinating subject to almost everyone….that is where the potential is created.”

This past weekend, ExpertBail passed a milestone on Facebook.  It surpassed 15,000 fans.  “When we first launched the brand almost a year and a half ago, no one would ever have thought that we could amass 5,000 fans yet alone over 15,000,” adds Granof.  “Social media has been a perfect forum for us to engage and interact with consumers and teach them about bail…and we have done that through great entertaining content…something that there is no shortage of in the bail bond industry.”

According to recent Facebook statistics, only 4% of sites on Facebook have over 10,000 fans.