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What’s Worse…Death or Dis”MEMBER”ment?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

hot dog cutWhen you are in the bail bond business, you hear about all sorts of stories about different crimes people commit and various punishments.  But this next story tops the charts and we promise will make every guy out there squirm in his seat.  Call it street justice or just plain craziness, some things are just hard to read about…and this is one of them.

Last February, a woman was arrested for mutilating her husband’s private parts. After slipping him some sleeping pills, the man woke up to find his hands and feet bound and his wife getting ready to do a weed wacker job on his “Johnson” (trying to keep it clean so as not to offend).  Once she did the horrible deed, she flushed a part of his “you know what” down the toilet (trust me when I say that this is not easy to write).  Lastly she stabbed him in the neck and killed him.

According to the article the woman believed that the man was “a monster who wanted to impregnate wealthy women.”  She pleaded guilty to manslaughter and avoided a murder charge and will only be serving….get this…3 YEARS.  The court felt that Chen was suffering from a “substantial impairment of the mind.”  Really?  Do you think so?  Geez.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Three years' jail for penis mutilation killer Jian Chen