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Too Sexy for Her Uniform

Monday, December 3, 2012

Too SexyIs it possible to be too sexy?  According to the Chinese Government it is. 

It is a crime most of us will probably never be charged with, and to be honest, we should be happy about that.  Twenty-three year old Wang Xiamonen of China on the other hand is not so lucky.

Apparently she has been blessed with the gift of beauty.  In fact, according to Chinese authorities, she has been blessed with too much beauty…so much so, that they have decided to jail her in a dungeon in the tallest tower in China.  She can only be saved by her true love…..okay, we made that part up, but it seemed to fit in with the whole "too sexy" thing.  Anyway, she has been jailed in a standard run of the mill Chinese jail.

Wang Xiaomen is a Chinese model.  She recently had some provocative photos taken of her in a police uniform.  The pictures as you can imagine went viral.  While most people liked the photos, unfortunately for Wang (c’mon, that is her name), Ministers in Beijing took a more negative view of the photos.  Also contributing to the negative view of the photos was an accompanying video in which Wang alluded to government corruption…uh oh….that is a bad idea…we aren’t sure that criticism is a good thing when you are referring to China’s ruling communist party.

So the next time you are in China, try avoid making negative comments about the government…and definitely don’t do so while wearing a sexy police uniform…you just might end up in jail like Wang Xiamonen.  And just so you know, there are no bail bond agents in China to help you.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Chinese Model Wang Xiaomen Jailed for Sexy Police Uniform Photos
Too Sexy for Her Uniform