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To Friend or Not To Friend? A Facebook Faux Pas

Friday, June 6, 2014

friending thievesIf someone decides they want to lead a life of crime at some point they need to learn how to do so, right?  And we can only assume that this so called learning process that criminals go through involves a type of on the job training.  In other words, you can’t just show up at the local community college and take a class in how to rob people or how to get a bail bond to get out of jail.  That being said, if there was a school of crime, our guess is that there would need to be a bunch of classes on how to use or not use social media.  Today’s bail bond blog post is a perfect example of a situation that could have been avoided if a social media and crime 101 course was available. 

Last week, a man in Port Orchard, Washington was arrested for robbing a woman at a ferry terminal.  The crazy thing is that the man did not get caught committing the robbery, but rather was caught when he decided to send the woman he robbed a Facebook friend request.  Yes we are serious, he sent her a friend request and that gave the cops everything they needed to identify the man.

Original article: Robbery Suspect Friends Victim on Facebook

Written by: Eric Granof

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