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Threatening the President is Stupid…Posting it on Facebook is a Federal Crime

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Whether you like the current President of the United States or not you shouldn’t go around threatening his life…even if you are joking about it.  It is not only unwise to do so, it is actually a federal crime.  Even more importantly, if you happen to slip up and say something stupid in that direction, keep your opinion to yourself…and whatever you do, never post it on Facebook.  Being unhappy with the President’s policies and performance is fine, and it is easy to see how someone can get frustrated nowadays, especially if they are out of work.  But publicly threatening the President is dangerously stupid and can land you in jail without any chance of getting a bail bond.  That is what a 21 year old Miami student did earlier this year when Obama visited the University of Miami. 

Upset with the current state of the country, this foolish college kid, decided to be funny and post the above statement on his Facebook Page.  That same day, his home was raided by federal agents.  Fortunately for the student, the judge didn’t see him as a true threat and sentenced him to 250 days of community service.  He could have received 5 years in Federal prison.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Miami Student Avoids Jail in Obama Threat