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Things to do in London When You’re Naked

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

naked pigeonAfter a very successful hosting of the 2012 Summer Olympics, the city of London re-established itself as one of the most interesting and fun cities to visit in the world.  However lately, it seems that some of the excitement generated around the Olympics has waned a bit.  In fact according to a recent story on the citizens of London are so bored that they have resorted to any and all forms of recreation including those of the “naked” variety. 

Earlier this week, a Ukrainian man was sentenced to 12 weeks in jail for his inappropriate way of dealing an extreme sense of boredom.  Unable to come up with anything else to do, the man decided to go on a walk through London.  He must have been a real fan of British history, because on his walk he decided to check out some bronze statues.  He ended up climbing to the top of his favorite statue (we are only guessing that) of George, Duke of Cambridge in Whitehall, London.  

The real victim here is the statue.  It was just standing there (like statues do) minding its own business, just being a statue.  Then all of the sudden this strange naked man decides to climb on top of it and all around it…at one point even balancing on the statue’s head, like a little naked pigeon.  Unfortunately for the man, he wasn’t a pigeon and therefore was in violation of several British laws including possession of an offensive weapon (we know what you are thinking….don’t even go there, he actually just broke off the statues sword), criminal damage and a public order offense.  What would have happened to him if he had done this in the US?  Probably the same thing…he would have been arrested, bailed out by a bail bond agent, and then sentenced to jail.  Oh yeah, we forgot to mention, he probably would have also received his own reality show contract.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Man jailed for naked stunt on London statue