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The Itchy Crotch Defense

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

itchMost of our blog posts are about people doing crazy things to get thrown in jail.  This next story is about a guy that did something ridiculous to stay out of jail. Let’s just say it involves a pickle, some nuts and a really bad rash.

Last week in Port St. Lucie, Florida, a woman saw a man sitting in a CVS parking performing what she thought was an inappropriate act.  She described the man as making an up and down motion around his crotch area.  While the actual activity could not be visually confirmed, the woman still felt the need to call the authorities.  When the police arrived the man had entered the CVS to pick up a couple things.  When he returned, he was immediately confronted by the police and asked what he was doing.  The man explained that he had a rash and was merely scratching himself.  After discussing the matter amongst all the interested parties, the man offered to show his rash if it meant they would believe him.  It was at this time that he pulled his pants down and showed the officer his itchy privates.  He turned his head to the right, coughed and was released…..just kidding.  Actually the police were able to see pretty easily that the man did indeed have a gruesome rash.  Being that the case, the man was allowed to go home with out being arrested or needing a bail bondsman since no proof of a lewd act could be found.  Read the original article below.

Original article: Man Shows Testicles To Police To Avoid Jail - And It Works!