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The Best Name in Crime…The Worst Name in Life

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

cocaineHave you ever wished that your parents had given you a different name?  Well after you read this next bail bond blog post about a defendant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, than you will probably think differently about your name and be pretty happy with it.

Last week, a 34 year old Floridian was arrested on a felony drug charge.  Okay?  So you are probably wondering what the big deal is? The big deal is that the defendant in question had an interesting last name.  His name was Edward Cocaine.  Yep that is it, right off the court paperwork.  No different pronunciation or anything…just flat out Mr. Cocaine.  According to the defendant, the name comes from his grandparents who shortened their last name to Cocaine when they arrived in this country many years ago.  The judge in the case was thrown for a loop and couldn’t get over the defendant’s interesting name. 

Watch the video of the court hearing below.

Read the original article: Florida man, Edward Cocaine, faces giddy judge on drug charges

Posted by: Eric Granof

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