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Teen Robber Shoots Himself in Groin

Monday, May 16, 2016

kids shoot himselfLeave it to a 16-year-old boy to shoot himself in the groin…The teen was in the process of robbing someone during a drug deal gone wrong, when he found himself headed to the hospital with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his groin. 

Cops found the teen with a gunshot wound to his left groin and left buttocks and also found a robber mask nearby. It was quickly determined he was going to have to head to the nearest hospital before heading to jail, though.

Once at the hospital, he underwent a seven-hour operation to repair a fractured pelvis, fractured femur and a severely damaged femoral artery.

Now that the teen has recovered, he’s being held on suspicion of committing first-degree robbery with a firearm sentencing enhancement and unlawful possession of a firearm. 
Turns out he set up a drug deal on Facebook with a buddy. When his friend met the dealer and confirmed he indeed, had the marijuana he wanted, the friend grabbed the bag and ran. 

The dealer ran after his buddy before the teen in question showed up with his gun and told the dealer to take a hike. But when he went to put the gun back into his pants, the weapon went off and things quickly went downhill from there!

We’re glad that the teen is going to be OK, but looks like he’s going to have a lot more to worry about then his groin!

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Original article: Lakewood Teenager Shoots Himself In Groin During Pot Robbery Attempt

image credit: shutterstock