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Selfie Incrimination: Tech Thief Caught by His Own Mug Shot Selfie

Friday, November 14, 2014

mug shot selfieIt seriously amazes us every time we see a story like this.  You would think that after so many stories, especially in this leading bail bond blog, about people taking self-incriminating photos with stolen cell phones that eventually people would get it.  But based on this next story, it looks like we will continue to have new selfie stories to share with everyone for years to come.

This past week in Mobile, Alabama, a Georgia man was arrested for stealing a cell phone.  As we have reported many times before in previous blog posts about similar situations, the defendant has no one to blame but himself and his incredible sense of vanity.  Yes, it is another story of SELFIE INCRIMINATION.  The so called thief, decided to take some glamour pics of himself and some friends.  What he didn’t realize is that the cell phone that he had stolen was synced to the owner’s Google account, thus uploading any and all pics to the cloud.  Boy was she surprised when photos of a bunch of people she didn’t know started showing up, including the above photos of the thief…which by the way, looks very much like a mug shot pose.  Maybe he knew that he would be caught?  Read the original story below.

Original article: Selfie lands a Georgia man in jail

Posted by: Eric Granof

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