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Robber Demands to Use Victim’s Bathroom Before Stealing Car

Friday, May 20, 2016

bathroom breakWe all know how hard it is to hold it when you’re in the car and you just REALLY gotta go! Well, this robber couldn’t hold it anymore and ended up committing crimes just to make sure he could use the potty!

A man approached a resident outside of his apartment recently and forced the victim to let him use his bathroom at gunpoint. How terrifying! But that’s not the end of it!

Joseph Skyler, 25, was finally identified as the culprit, but not before he forced the victim to let him in his apartment, kicked the victim’s grandma out of the bathroom and took a young boy inside with him for collateral. He had the young boy turn around while he did his business and took off in the victim’s car after he stole the keys and a cell phone.

The family immediately called the cops, as they received another call in the area about a reckless driver matching the description of the stolen car. The officers were able to quickly locate him and found a loaded gun in the car, as well. 

Skyler was arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of robbery and carjacking. Maybe next time, he should just pee outside...

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Original article: Robber Demands to Use Victim’s Bathroom Before Stealing Car At Gunpoint

image credit: shutterstock