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Paying for a Sex Change With Your Money

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

sex changeWhatever your political affiliation, in these difficult times it is hard to not feel like the government is reaching into into your wallet and spending your money on ridiculous things?  Things like giving welfare checks to people who are in prison or giving sex changes to inmates serving life sentences.  Yes, we said sex change and yes, we said that you are paying for it…or at least you are if you reside in Massachusetts.

In a ruling handed down yesterday, Massachusetts prison officials were ordered to provide a sex –reassignment surgery (great name for it) to an inmate who suffers from gender-identity disorder.  Oh yeah, and did we happen to mention that the person is serving a life sentence for MURDER! 

In a time when our schools are suffering, people are out of work and gas prices are skyrocketing, wouldn’t it be nice to think that our tax dollars would go towards solving some of our society’s challenges.  Instead, we focus on making sure a convicted murderer is able to feel comfortable in their own skin and give them a sex change on our dime.  Don’t get us wrong, if someone wants a sex change and can pay for it, than sure, go for it…but when you tell us that taxpayers have to pay for it and the person is a convicted murderer…that is not cool. What do you think? Read the original story below.

Original article: Mass. inmate sex-change ruling praised, condemned