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Parents Arrested After Kid’s School Backpack Reeks of Pot

Monday, August 28, 2017

arrested grow houseWhen a boy came to school and his teacher noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from his backpack, the teacher asked the 11-year-old why his backpack smelled strange. 

That led the cops to do a raid on the family’s home, where they found a small marijuana grow house run by parents of the child.

Rolando Naranjo, 41, and Betsy Espinoza, 33, were arrested and each faces charges of marijuana trafficking, possession of marijuana with intent to sell within 1,000 feet of a school, possession of a place for trafficking purposes, possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to use, two counts each of possession of a place for manufacturing a controlled substance with a minor present and child neglect without bodily harm. 

Naranjo’s bond was set at $36,000 and Espinoza’s was set at $51,000. Both have an impressive rap sheet that didn’t help their cause!

When the teacher asked the child about his backpack, he said he didn’t have any marijuana, but that his dad used his backpack a lot to transport marijuana. He even told the teacher that his dad had about 10 plants of marijuana growing at home. The boy also shared that a lot of people go to his house and his Dad sells pot to people for money. 

After that admission, the cops had enough for a search warrant, where they found one of the bedrooms converted into a hydroponic growth room, 10 plants weighing 31 pounds, two digital scales, three glass pipes, four small bags of marijuana and two heat seal vacuum machines used to package marijuana in large amounts.

They also found the home living conditions to be “deplorable, dirty, nasty” with a paucity of food (one carrot and a can of jelly).

No word on exactly what the child is now doing for a living situation. Our best wishes that the child will have a bright future after this dark time in his life, at no fault of his own. 

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Original article: His School Backpack Smelled Like Pot, That Put His Parents in Jail 

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