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Ooh, Right in the Coconuts…That’s Gotta Hurt!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

crotchNo matter how you feel about guns, you have to admit…not everyone should have one.  We don’t mean that not everyone should have the "right" to bear arms, but rather, some people don’t seem to pass the intelligence test to be able to safely operate one. 

For example, a man was arrested in Oklahoma City yesterday for possession of a firearm that he was planning on selling.  Unfortunately for him, the test drive of the gun went array and he ended up shooting himself.  But that isn’t the crazy part of the story.  The crazy part is that he shot himself in a very personal spot.  If you can’t figure out where on his person we are referring to, here is list of our top 10 nicknames of the bodily location:

10. Kids on a Swing
9.  The Boys
8.  Plums
7.  Cojones
6.  Coconuts
5.  Jewels
4.  The Step Children
3.  Bro Globes
2.  Benjamins

And our favorite… #1

1.  Bojangles


Fortunately, the man was able to drive himself to the hospital and the police were notified soon after.  As soon as he was medically cleared he was arrested.  Read the original story below.


Original article: Man shoots his own genitals, goes to jail