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Naked Coach Potato Sent to Jail

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Coach PotatoRemember our post a few weeks back that talked about the difference between good naked and bad naked?  Well, here we go again...we found another "Bad" naked story out there.  Imagine coming home after a three day vacation.  You are tired and looking forward to just getting home and sitting down on your couch relax a bit and catch up on some television.  But much to your surprise, when you get home there is already someone sitting on your couch eating a snack watching television.  Even more shocking the person is completely "Naked."  Well this story is not as farfetched as it sounds.  Just ask an Arizona family who this just happened to last week.  The question you call 911 or a couch cleaning company first?  Read the story here.

Original Story:  People come home to find nude stranger watching TV on their couch