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Mommy Madness: The New 2014 MILF…Mother I’d Like to FIGHT!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Mommy MadnessYou may have seen this story already, but in case you missed it, than you have to check it out here.  Last week during the Sugar Bowl in Louisiana, there was a knock out, dragged down fight.  The problem is that the fight wasn’t out on the field between Alabama and Oklahoma, but rather the fight was in the stands between a young man and a MILF…and we don’t mean MILF in the traditional sense of the word, but rather a new definition…A Mother I’d Like to FIGHT…instead of…you know.  Anyway, the young Oklahoma fan was taunting the daughter of the angry MILF when she decided to protect her daughter and jump into action.  And when we say “jump” we literally mean jump.  The mother did a fearless superman leap onto the man and his group of friends. As hard we have tried here to describe the action, nothing does it as good as the video.  Watch below…and remember next time you decide to taunt or make fun of someone at a sporting event…be careful….you never know when mama bear might be watching and getting ready to jump your a#$.



Posted by: Eric Granof

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