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Mom Smokes Joint to Celebrate First Day of School

Thursday, September 15, 2016

mom smoking potWe all know that when kids head back to school, many parents drop to their knees in thanks and can’t help but celebrate just a little! But this Mom took that celebration just a little too far!

A mom was pulled over for speeding in a school zone recently (apparently she couldn’t get out of there fast enough), but when the officer headed over to her window, it was quickly apparent that she was impaired and the smell of marijuana was strong. The mom quickly admitted to smoking joints with other moms before getting behind the wheel to leave school. Wow, before school? 

Of course, the woman was admonished for admitting to smoking the pot and then driving through the school zone. However, a drug recognition expert deemed that she wasn’t impaired enough to warrant charges. 

That’s one lucky mom! She should probably figure out a different way to celebrate next year, though, and perhaps AFTER dropping of her kid!

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Original article: Mom’s Celebratory Back-To-School Joint Draws Ire of Saanich Police

image credit: shutterstock