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Matches that can help you find a bail bondsman

Monday, January 23, 2012

Wow, matches that can help you find a bail bond agent near you.  That is crazy.  What's next, a website that can help you find a trusted and professional bail bond agent anywhere in the country? Well...that already exists too.  Just go to and you find a list of the best bail bond agents in your area.  Now you are probably wondering more about those matchbooks.

The ExpertBail Matchbooks have arrived in Upland, California.  The first location where you can find them is the C&M Classy Mart at 767 Foothill Boulevard in Upland California. If you happen to be in Upland, stop in and get a pack of these one of a kind matches that have both the Gloria Mitchell Bail Bonds and ExpertBail logos on them.  

Bail Bond Matchbooks





Keep an eye out all over the country for these cool new bail bond matchbooks.  They will be popping up in convenient stores, bars and nightclubs near you. If you see them on a night out, make sure to take a picture of you with the matchbooks and post it on the ExpertBail's Facebook page.

Stay tuned for more.