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Man Steals $100K from Work… On His First Day

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

larry brooks arrestedThis guy didn’t mess around when it came to making quite the statement on his first day of work! He was a security officer at a cash vault and armored car company and allegedly stole $100,000! 

Larry Brooks, 19, was arrested after the theft was captured on the company surveillance camera. Because clearly, a vault and armored car company has security cameras everywhere! 

Other security officers found the cash and alerted the police to what they thought the new guy may have done. Brooks was charged with theft for taking the cash and was found with around $86,000 in his car.

As of right now, nobody knows where the other $14K may be, but we’re sure it will come out pretty soon, when Brooks heads to court!

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Original article: Security Guard Allegedly Stole $100K on His First Day of Work

image credit: bigstock