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Man Cuts Down Tree to Steal Locked-Up Bicycle

Thursday, August 18, 2016

bike thiefOne would think that if you want to steal a bike that bad, you’d probably try to find one that wasn’t locked up to a tree. Or… maybe have a pair of wire cutters to steal the bike. Not this guy! He decided he was going to cut down an ENTIRE TREE that a bike was chained to. Now that takes commitment!

A security camera was rolling the entire time when a man decided that the owner’s lock on his bike, which happened to be secured to a tree, wasn’t going to stop him. The video shows him using a saw to cut down the entire tree! Talk about taking thieving to a completely new level!

His effort paid off, because the tree eventually fell. The man quickly took the bike and headed away, but even more crazy… he was seen fleeing with the bike on his motorcycle! He didn’t even ride the bike away himself and we can't help but feel sad for the poor, innocent tree. 

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Original article:  Man Cuts Down Tree to Steal Locked-Up Bicycle

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