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Making Walmart Whoopie

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WalmartBefore you start reading this blog, we want you to close your eyes and imagine you and your significant other in the most romantic spot you can possibly think of.  What location did you choose?  Hawaii?  Jamaica? Paris?  For most of us, a romantic location would probably consist of one of those destinations.  There is something about the warm weather, the beach and the sunset that put us all in the mood.  But for one couple from Kansas their romantic rendezvous took place in a Reno County Walmart.  And we aren’t just talking a standard run of the mill Walmart, but one of those really big mega Walmarts (as if that is going to make this story any better.)

Let us set the stage for you….the evening started off with a stroll through the patio/outdoor aisle to look at some plastic birdbaths and some garden gnomes.  The couple then meandered over to electronics and watched some Judge Judy on a new 55” LED flat screen.  Before leaving electronics, they walked through the music players aisle and turned on some Barry White.  Once the mood was set, the couple made a b-line to the personal items section and picked up some KY Jelly.  You can probably guess where the story goes from here, but as you can probably imagine, by stealing and using the KY Jelly, the couple got themselves into a pretty tight spot with the big box retailer (c'mon, that one was too easy).  Let's just say they won’t be asked back to Walmart again. 

They were arrested on theft and lewd and lascivious behavior charges and will now spend their romantic evening looking for a bail bondsman as opposed to looking for love.  Additionally, the couple was also cited by The Newlywed Show for the most unromantic attempt at making Whoopie ever…just kidding, we made that part up.

What is the craziest and riskiest thing you have ever done in a Walmart…and buying the 124 roll super pack of toilet paper doesn’t count? 

Original article: Kansas Couple Arrested For Walmart Sex